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Kristen Scott was born on March 13, 1995 in San Diego, California. Ms Scott is 5’2 and weighs 94 lbs. She has Brown hair and eyes.

Kristen Scott Measurements are 32A-23-32.

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Kristen Scott Bio from Kristen Scott Bio at Brazzers.,
At 5’2″ and only 85 lbs, Kristen Scott is one of the most petite performers in porn today. But that doesn’t mean this tiny California girl can’t handle a big challenge, let alone a big dick! In fact, her constant cock cravings were getting her into trouble long before she joined the industry, almost getting her kicked out of school when she was caught fucking on a water tower during a class trip! That wild desire for exhibitionism in her youth continued when she became a camgirl, which in turn became an outlet for her regular need for furious pussy play. But despite daily doses of finger-blasting and constant fuck sessions from her live-in lesbian lover, Kristen’s body once again began craving real-life man cock. That insatiable lust led her into porn, giggling like a guilty schoolgirl as she did. Since then, she has committed herself to spreading her legs and accommodating as many hung guys as the business can throw at her, producing some of the hottest scenes to hit the net in years. Kristen Scott has a hometown-girl charm, an innocent look, and a tiny frame, but her libido is so big and ravenous, it may never truly be satisfied. And that hunger is just fine with her.

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